Jeny’s Fantastical
Tattoo Aftercare

If you are a client whom is in the process of ACTIVELY HEALING A TATTOO FROM JENY and have questions or concerns regarding your tattoo, please call or message 907-978-2462 at ANY TIME for immediate service.

For Clients Healing with Saniderm, please refer to the official website here:

For Clients Dry Healing, please review the following:

  1. Leave your bandage or tattoo covering on for 1 to 3 hours after your tattoo is finished. Doing so will protect your fresh tattoo from being exposed to germs and bacteria and collect a lot of the goop, blood, and even ink from the tattooing keep it on! You don’t want to ruin any new clothes or overly expose it at first.

    2. Take the wrapper off. Then, before you even touch your new tattoo, WASH YOUR HANDS! Once your hands are clean, THEN wash your tattoo with a liquid antibacterial soap and warm water.  Make sure to use a soft, unscented, antibacterial soap (Dial Soap Gold is a great brand to use) to keep it clean and avoid potential infection. Wash your tattoo for about 60 seconds. Be sure to use a medium amount of pressure while washing. This helps to stimulate blood flow to the area and helps to remove dead skin cells...both of which will aid in healing. Remember, never touch your new tattoo for any reason unless you have just washed your hands!

    3. Use a paper towel to dry your new tattoo. Never use a cloth towel!  You may notice a light amber  colored fluid oozing from your tattoo the first 24-36 hours. Blot this off and do your best not to let this build up.

    4. Repeat the cleaning process 3 times a day. Try to keep your tattoo as dry as possible. That means short showers.

    5. Sleep with a clean t-shirt that fully covers your tattoo. Change your shirt in the morning and wear only CLEAN clothing that touches your tattoo. Most importantly, don't let your new tattoo touch sheets, inside of jackets, cloth towels, etc. Basically, keep your tattoo as clean as possible.

    6. After the first 3-4 days of dry healing you can (not required) use a non-scented lotion after you wash your tattoo.  Eucerin is a great brand available at drug stores. Be sure your tattoo has begun to peel before using lotion as lotion is not meant for wound care.

    7. While the tattoo is healing avoid going into large bodies of water (pool, ocean, hot tubs, etc.), the gym or activities that lead to excessive amounts of sweating, and exposure to the sun for the first two weeks.  This could damage the tattoo in the healing process. Showers are fine as long as they are quick and not overly hot.

    8. Don't pick or scratch at any scabbing, peeling, or loose skin! Let it do its thing. If scabs occur, picking them can lead to ink loss. Please contact me immediately if you have any concerns about how your tattoo is healing.

    9. Signs of infection include redness that lasts longer than a few days, oozing of any color fluid that isn't clear, red streaking that spreads toward your heart, large painful "pimples", and fever. I expect to hear from you the second you have a concern. Please call/text me NIGHT OR DAY if you have any questions or concerns at the number above. I don't care if it's 3am. I would rather be woken up than have you be stressing. I'm here to make sure you are supported through the entire tattoo process...that includes healing.

    10. Be sure to drink lots of water, get good sleep, avoid undue stress, take your vitamins, and eat well for the next few weeks. Tattooing stresses your immune and inflammatory systems. You need to take it easy. Avoid drinking to excess for the first week. Limit sugar, caffeine, and tobacco use if possible while actively healing. Most importantly, take good care of yourself. ;) It's one of the best things you can do for your new tattoo.