New Clients Please Note:
Tattooist Jeny Ann Kennedy’s books are closed until January 1st, 2020. You may submit a contact form but may not receive a response for new projects until the books are reopened.

How do I get tattooed by Jeny Ann Kennedy?

To start the process you must first go to Jeny’s website,, read this FAQ Page, and submit your idea using the “Contact” link on this page. Please be very thorough when describing your ideas, body placement, and size.

What happens next?

You will be contacted within 48 hours of your contact form submission to make an appointment for a live consultation for your project. Due to the high demand for services that Jeny receives, there is no way for her to be able respond immediately to every request nor to take on every project that is presented to her. In order to continue the advancement of her art, she is looking for projects that spark immediate interest and inspiration.

Is there a way to increase my chances of being tattooed by Jeny Ann Kennedy?

Yes. Jeny normally takes on a project with fewer restrictions on design and body placement before she chooses something that has very set in stone parameters. Bringing her a great idea will get you noticed more quickly than things that must be done a certain way in the tattoo. Larger themed projects and tattoos on clean skin normally receive scheduling priority. Lastly, Jeny is looking for clients that are dedicated enough to put forth the time and financial investment that is necessary for them to receive the best possible tattoo.

What if Jeny chooses not to take on my project? 

If Jeny thinks the project is suited well for someone she knows, you may receive a referral of an artist that would better be suited for the project requested.

How much does  Jeny Ann Kennedy charge?

Pricing varies depending on the project and are based on an hourly rate of $125. The majority of projects that she takes on are tattoos that cannot be finished in one session. To schedule a project, consistent and time flexible appointments are necessary.

How much of a deposit does Jeny Ann Kennedy require?

Deposits vary from $200 - $400 depending on the tattoo and will be deducted from the first session of your tattoo.

Are there any styles of tattoo that  Jeny Ann Kennedy won't do?

Please review Jeny’s portfolio before submitting a request for a tattoo. She prefers projects in realism, portraits, water color, trash polka, stippling, sacred geometry and most things dark and creepy. She does not utilize Japanese or traditional styles of tattooing.

Where is Jeny Ann Kennedy located?

Jeny Ann Kennedy is currently tattooing at Evergreen Tattoo Company in Fairbanks, Alaska located at 3550 Airport Way in the Caribou Building, suite 206.

Deposit Policy

Your tattoo is the end result of what is usually a lengthy long artistic process that Jeny undertakes for each of her clients. Jeny works very hard “behind the scenes” to prepare for any given project, often spending hours referencing material and information online and in books. Once drawing begins, the design goes through several drafts before a final is prepared to ensure that your design is “tattoo ready”.

A deposit serves to ensure that any time Jeny puts into your project before the actual tattooing takes place is compensated should you decide to halt, drastically alter, or abandon the project for any reason. If you wish to proceed with the project at the end of the consult, a CASH ONLY deposit is required to then schedule your appointment, unless Jeny has allowed you to make other arrangements. Jeny will not undertake any research and/or drawing for your project until a deposit has been paid.

How the deposit works:

•The entire deposit is applied to the FIRST sitting of the tattoo.

Deposit Example

You have put down a 300$ deposit and on your first sitting, you get 3 hours of work at a rate of 125$ an hour.

That means that your total for the day would be 375$ but since you have put down a 300$ deposit, the total you would PAY for the sitting is 75$.

•Usually no further deposits are required to book additional sittings or touch ups. (Exceptions are covered under the Cancelation/Late/“No Show” Policies.)

•The deposit amount is based on how long Jeny estimates the DRAWING will take to complete, breaking it down to a rate of 50$ an hour.

So for example, if Jeny estimates a design will take 4 hours to research and draw, then the deposit amount will be 200$.

Deposit Refunds

When a client, for whatever reason, decides to cancel AFTER Jeny has started the drawing process, any time she has invested in that project is wasted, as such, there are charges related to any time she has spent on it.

If you decide to cancel your appointment or drastically alter the current project (essentially deciding on a completely different tattoo) for ANY REASON, the following applies:

If Jeny has not begun the drawing process, you are entitled to your ENTIRE deposit back because Jeny has not spent any time on your project and therefore, is not entitled to compensation.

If Jeny has already begun the drawing process, even just doing research for reference online, any time spent on the project will be compensated at a rate of 50$ an hour, with any remaining funds going to you.

Additionally, because you are compensating Jeny for her time for a specific project, any reference, drawings, or notes, related to the project are yours to keep and can be picked up along with any remaining deposit.

Be advised that when a project is halted in the middle of the drawing process, you may not get a finished design or even a workable draft. The drawing process stops when you inform us you are no longer going forward and wherever Jeny is in that process is what you receive.

Refund Example:

You have put down a 200$ deposit but have decided you do not want to get the tattoo.

Jeny has already spent two hours on your project.

That means that you will be charged for 2 hours of work at 50$ an hour for a total of 100$.

That means the remaining 100$ and any reference and drawings is what you receive back.

•If your current drawing time (at 50$ an hour) exceeds the deposit amount, you will not receive a refund, even if the drawing is not completed.

•If Jeny has finished drawing for your project, you will not receive a refund.

Please contact us as soon as possible with ANY AND ALL changes to your current project so that Jeny can halt the drawing process.

All refunded deposits, which will be rendered to you via cash, and any project related papers are required to be picked up in person at the tattoo shop.

At that time, you be will required to sign a document that will act as a receipt that you have picked up your deposit and drawings.

All refunded deposits will be available 24-72 hours AFTER you have notified Jeny of your plans to cancel. This policy is in place in case your cancelation falls on Jeny’s weekend, holidays, bank closures or other hindrances that may arise.

If a deposit is available for pickup sooner, you will be promptly notified.

Deposits and any project documents, drawings, etc. are required to be picked up within 14 days from the date of cancelation. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of your deposit and drawings.

Now...with all this being said, Jeny is a compassionate and kind human being. So if you have ANY issues regarding the development of the project and your ability/desire to continue, PLEASE speak up. More than anything, Jeny wants her clients to feel safe and able to communicate honestly with her. With that in mind, any refunds or arrangements are at Jeny’s discretion. You will be promptly notified if any changes need to be made.

Cancelation/Late/No Show Policy

NOTICE: If you are running late or need to cancel, please contact the assistant line at 907-505-0814 ASAP.

All clients are expected to be at their appointments and prepared to tattoo ON TIME.

Please read and follow the instructions under the How To Prepare For Your Appointment policies to ensure you are prepared.

If you are more than 15 minutes late to your appointment, for any reason, you MAY need to be rescheduled depending on Jeny’s ongoing schedule.

If you miss or have to cancel an appointment with less than 24 hours notice or are so late that your appointment requires rescheduling, you will be charged a “no show” or “late cancellation” fee of 100$.

If the project is still in the drawing phase, the 100$ fee will be deducted from your deposit.

If you are already an established client and need additional appointments, the 100$ fee is required to be paid IN CASH BEFORE booking your next appointment.

When a client needs to cancel with less than 24 hours notice, Jeny will make a good faith effort to find another client to take your allotted time if at all possible.

If another client is able to take your appointment time, YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED THE 100$ FEE.

If you are consistently late (more than 2 times), you will be required to render a 100$ non-refundable cash deposit  BEFORE booking your future appointments.

Because it is a DEPOSIT, not a FEE, it WILL BE DEDUCTED from your next scheduled appointment.

This deposit MAY be in addition to a non-refundable fee (due to tardiness that requires an appointment to be rescheduled), in which case, the fee is NOT applied to the fee is not applied.

The above policies MAY apply to touchups.

If you miss your scheduled touch-up, a non-refundable 100$ fee will need to be paid before scheduling your next touch-up appointment. Please note that this 100$ fee is non-refundable and serves to compensate Jeny for cost of having set aside time for you, time which could have been spent tattooing another client.

Scheduling & How to Prepare for Your Appointment

When submitting a new project request, please note that Jeny is often booked out 2-3 months. Designs are not available in advance of the time of your appointment. Exceptions might be made for a scheduled review of the design. Please note this request at the time of your consult before you schedule any additional appointments. Jeny is drawing for many clients and draws to her schedule. If there is a project she is really excited about, she may start a draft immediately but may not have a drawing that is tattoo ready until the time of the appointment.

You may request a specific timeframe to start/complete your project but consistent and time flexible appointments are necessary. Travel including but not limited to field work, vacations, and camping trips are not recommended in the first week following tattooing due to the possibility of complications during healing.

Arrive on time clean (shower but don't use lotion in the area to be tattooed), rested, drug-free and alcohol-free. Do not shave the area to be tattooed. Do not drink excess coffee or caffeine. 

I cannot tattoo a person who is currently taking antibiotics, blood thinners, or medications that suppress the immune system without medical clearance from your doctor. This includes any over the counter or prescription medications that contain Naprosyn or Naproxen (Aleve), Aspirin (Excedrin, etc) or Ibuprofen (Advil). Any anti-inflammatories or blood thinners can cause excessive bleeding during the tattooing process. Acetaminophen (Tylenol) is fine to take before getting tattooed. Feel free to call or text me if you have questions about any medications or supplements you want to take or are prescribed and how they may affect the tattooing process if at all.

I cannot legally tattoo a person who has a communicable disease (including the flu, fungal or bacterial skin infections, staphylococcus, or even a common cold) nor will I tattoo a person who has a disease or disorder that may conflict with your ability to withstand the applications and/or healing of a tattoo without medical clearance from your doctor. Additionally I cannot tattoo anyone pregnant or nursing. If you have questions or concerns about being a suitable tattoo candidate, please feel free to ask me and we can discuss it. 

Eat a healthy meal no more than 4 hours before coming in.preferably within 2 hours of your appointment. You need to have your body performing at its best which means it needs to have fuel. A well nourished body will help you to produce endorphins, relax, and keep your blood pressure stable under stress...all things that will help you get through the tattooing process. Feel free to bring a snack and something to drink as we will be taking hourly breaks.

Wear comfortable clothing. Be sure to bring appropriate and comfortable undergarments to change into if required for your tattoo placement choice. Remember tattoo ink stains and doesn't come out easily. So choose clothing accordingly. 

Bring your ID. The state requires a current government issued picture ID, drivers license, or passport for ANYONE and EVERYONE who gets tattooed. No exceptions. 

Feel free to bring a friend or two. My station can accommodate a couple of people besides the one being tattooed. More than that and people will have to stand, but let me clarify that it can be a detriment to my concentration if there's a lot of talking, laughing, and general ruckus. So if you bring guests, be sure they know that while I don't need complete silence, I do need them to be respectful. That being said, I’m not above kicking out troublemakers. You may want to inform any friends you plan on bringing that watching someone else getting tattooed is super boring and not to expect a show. ;)